Hauppauge adds recording to features to  BroadwayT  streaming tuner

Hauppauge adds recording to features to BroadwayT streaming tuner


Last year Hauppauge launched the Broadway TV tuner a streaming device for iPad and iPhone users what enables streaming of live TV via Wifi or the internet. Today they have announced recording features have been added to the iPad and iPhone app with the Broadway tuner recording the TV shows and then you can stream them the iPad.

I looked the the tuner last year and it seemed to work well so recording features are a nice addition.

Press Release:


Watch Local News, Sports and Live TV Programs Anywhere on an Apple iPad or iPhone; Record TV Programs onto a USB Thumb Drive or External Hard Drive Attached to BroadwayT

London ,UK , 18 April 2012: Hauppauge Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAUP), the world’s leading developer TV tuner products, has announced that Broadway, Hauppauge’s live TV streamer for the iPad and iPhone, now has TV recording support. With this new feature, Broadway can record TV programs locally and then stream it to an iPad or iPhone at a later time. “Broadway” is a stand alone “box” which allows live TV to be watched on an Apple device in the home through a WiFi connection, or anywhere in the world via an Internet connection.

Broadway has-2 built in DVB-T Tuners supporting Freeview allowing users to watch one channel and simultaneously record another. Broadway also connects to cable or satellite set top boxes. Once connected to a TV source, Broadway can tune into a TV program and then either stream the live TV program to an iPad or iPhone, or, with the new feature, record the TV program to a locally attached storage device and then stream the recording at a later time.

Broadway can be used in the home, for example, to stream a football game or a news program over the home Wi-Fi network to an iPad. The iPad will display a list of Broadway’s TV channels, and with two taps of a finger on the iPad, live TV will be displayed on the iPad screen.

If you travel and have a Wi-Fi or Internet connection, you can watch live TV from your home anywhere in the world. Broadway connects to your home network router and transmits the TV signal through your network router over the Internet to your iPad or iPhone.

Hauppauge’s PCTV Systems division in Germany developed Broadway. One of the key technologies within Broadway is a high-quality, high definition H.264 video compressor, which can take TV programs from clear QAM digital cable TV or ATSC over-the-air TV and “shrink” these programs into a form which can be displayed on an Apple device. Broadway has a built-in multi-format TV receiver which can tune to digital cable TV channels and ATSC over-the-air broadcast TV channels, and then compress those TV channels and rebroadcast them over both WiFi and the Internet so that the TV programs can be watched on an Apple device. In addition to HD TV, Broadway can also receive and convert analog video into a form which can be watched on Apple devices.

Broadway is standalone, and simply needs a TV source (a cable TV connection or a TV antenna) and a connection to a home network router in order to send live TV anywhere in the world where a Apple device has a connection to the Internet.

The new record feature will be a free software upgrade to Broadway users. Broadway is available at many online stores including Amazon


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  1. Is this the first standalone tuner to offer recording? That plus the fact it does Freeview HD via their USB stick makes this by far the best PC-free device I can think of.

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