Ceton preview their Windows Phone app


Back at CES Ceton showed me their Q Entertainment system and one of the parts of the demonstration I was really impressed with was their prototype Windows Phone app (see my video) and over the weekend they posted more details about the Windows Phone app on their blog (along with a great April Fool).

In the blog post Ceton explain about the Home, Television and Recent screens on the app plus there is a video showing the remote in action.

At CES in January, when we first showed off the new Q companion apps for Windows Phone 7, we showcased a few main features. The most obvious was that we believe breaking the content into key segments like television, movies, music, etc. would be the most natural way for people to navigate the app. In addition, within each of these we really wanted to show live content, like what shows were recently added or which ones were coming up next. We got some great feedback at CES and have been working hard since then to flesh out more functionality and some new designs. So today we want to show you our latest revision to the WP7 companion apps home screen.

Home Recent Television

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    This is what Microsoft themselves should be making available to all WMC/WP7 users.

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