Known Issues of Windows 8 Client Computers Connecting to Windows Home Server

Yesterday we had a list of know issues with Windows Media Center and Windows 8 and today we have a list of issues with Windows Home Server and Windows 8

A lot of the issues seem to be around using Windows Live IDs and Microsoft have a workaround that will help out.


Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been released, see following link for details:

The following are known issues you might encounter while you use Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows Home Server.

For known issues of Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows Home Server 2011, please see following article:

Note: This is a preview version of the article targeting Windows 8 Consumer Preview. There may be other compatibility issues under investigation, and this article will be updated with the final release of Windows 8.

Issue 1: The Windows Live ID credential used in Windows 8 may not be recognized by Windows Home Server.


Windows 8 allows you to log on using a Windows Live ID, and will bind the Windows Live ID with a local account. This is not supported by Windows Home Server


After you log on with your Windows Live ID to a Windows 8 client computer, a balloon may show up as below when you open the traditional desktop. Also, while you browse the server shares or other server resources, you will need to enter the local account credentials.


After you log on with your Windows Live ID, you need to add a Windows Home Server user account to the Credential Manager on the Windows 8 client computer before you can access server resources.

1. Open the Windows Home Server Admin Console, and manually create a user account.

2. On the Windows 8 client computer, open the Control Panel

3. Locate the “Credential Manager”

4. Click “Add a Windows Credential”

5. Type in the name of your Windows Home Server in the “Internet or network address” box, add the user name and password created in step 1 to the user name and password edit box, and click the OK button.

You will be able to access your Windows Home Server shares and resources now while still using the Windows Live ID to log onto your Windows 8 client computer.

Issue 2: Windows Home Server Client Connector setup may not install the OEM client software


Windows Home Server Client Connector setup will launch the OEM client software setup package if they are named OEM.msi or OEM_x64.msi and are placed in the same folder of the Windows Home Server Client Connector ([ServerName]SoftwareHome Server Connector Software). This is not supported for Windows 8 client computers.


After you install the Windows Home Server Client Connector on a client computer running Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you may find the OEM client software is not installed.


Before installing the Windows Home Server Client Connector, browse to the client connector folder ([ServerName]SoftwareHome Server Connector Software) and manually install OEM_x64.msi (if you have 64-bit Windows) or OEM.msi (if you have 32-bit Windows) by double clicking the MSI file. After the OEM package installs successfully, you can install the Windows Home Server Client Connector.



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