Apple TV Hacked To Run App Store Apps


CultofMac have an interesting post showing an Apple TV hacked to run app store apps. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith using Seas0nPass with the help of another developer TheMudKip and Grant Paul’s MobileLaunchpad launcher have been able to run iOS apps on the Apple TV.

The Apple TV is a nice little box and running standard iOS app on it would make it pretty useful. It would be nice to see Apple add official support for apps to the box.

“The fact that it [the Apple TV] can run existing apps is irrelevant. With this, anybody could add a few things into their app that would make it work on Apple TV now, even if their app is sold on the App Store. If Netflix or Hulu added the few input tweaks to be navigated by remote control, then their apps would work here. Adding support for Apple TV wouldn’t require a developer to use private API. Just add a few methods that get passed the IR remote input from MobileX and have a 720p-ready TV-out UI.”

More details and a video at CultofMac


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