Click2Record web based Windows Media Center remote recording service launched


Microsoft introduced a Click-To-Record EPG with Windows Vista but very few services have taken advantage of the feature but a new web service is making good use of it.  With the website you can browse the Freeview HD EPG and then select a TVShow to be recorded by you media centre system. A special formatted E-mail message (.C2R-file) is created and put in your C2R-Mailbox. The service will check your C2R-Mailbox and the message schedules Windows Media Center’s EPG to record the TV Show plus you can also add manual recordings.

To get started you have to install the service on your local machine and signup for a free account at, I am going to give it a try and report back.



About the author Ian Dixon:
Ian Dixon is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), founder of tech site and producer of the weekly The Digital Lifestyle Show podcast. Ian has been writing and talking about Windows for over 10 years and has over 20 years in IT as an IT Manager. Ian has thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook and over 4 million views on his YouTube channel.
  • Please let me know if the timing for the scheduled recording on your media centre system is OK, I can’t test it from here (NL) due to the timezone difference.



  • The channel-indication can now be changed from the default setting ‘by Channel Number’ to ‘by Station Name’.

    If this is set to ‘Station Name’, there is no need to order your EPG channels according the EPG’s on this site.

    WAF% goes up 😉

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