Review: iPad and iPhone accessories from iLuv and Vogel

Review: iPad and iPhone accessories from iLuv and Vogel

It is that time of year when we are all looking for some stocking fillers so how about some gadgets to go with that cool iPad you got last year?

Well there are many to choose from but here are few for you to consider:

Iluv (

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On test from them I have three items:-

1. A Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad 2

2. A triple USB plug

3. A headphone and microphone

Bluetooth keyboard

iLuv iCK826 Professional Case with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard

The first thing you notice is the smell of leather as you unpack this. It is charged via a micro USB lead and when charged will give you 5 hours of use. The connection is really easy and done in seconds even by a non techie.

The iPad fits in the top of the case and the keyboard at the bottom. However here is a neat feature the Keyboard can be removed to make the case thinner.

The keyboard is well spaced and easy to use.

Personally I liked the feel and simplicity of this. I have taken to carrying my iPad rather than a netbook and so when I am working the keyboard is really handy for those long e-mails that need a reply.

Triple USB plug

iLuv iAD217ITL International Triple USB Power Adapter Pack

This has one fast charge USB port and two standard ones. This is great for travelling and to clear up the million cables we all have lying about. I have tried several of these plugs and been disappointed as they lacked the power to charge my iPad and MP3.

This however is a slick black design with a blue light. It charged the iPad, MP3 and phone all at the same time even on a European socket (with an adapter as the version we had for review only had a UK plug). This charger is a great space saver for travelling and clears three sockets. In many hotel rooms it seems like they are hiding the sockets and often there is only one visible – so this was a quick and easy way to get everything charged overnight while I recently worked some crazy hours overseas.

I like this for two reasons

1. The slick design

2. The power to actually get things charge – it is really quite unusual to find  a multi-usb socket charger that can actually charge an iPad.

Hear Speak Control Headphones and Microphone for iPad or iPhone

I have been very pleasantly surprised with the iLuv supplied Headphones with built-in microphone. Most of this type of earphones I have tried have been optimised for talk and therefore not very good sonically. The iLuv’s performed far better. Whilst they weren’t going to beat the top end contenders like the Shure’s we tested a few month’s back, they had a good dynamic range and way better than average frequency response. Certainly a huge step up on the supplied iPhone headphones! Other than the Shure’s when fitted with the microphone add-on, I haven’t come across a better set of stereo headphones with microphone combo.

Hear Speak Control Headphones

I do know iLuv do a speaker dock but I’ve not tested this so I can’t comment.

So where do you put your iPad? (Ringo from Vogel  – )

Talk to Vogel for a few solutions to that little problem. DVD in the car….come now you know that is not modern 🙂 –  shouldn’t you be using an iPad by now.

So get a Vogel holder and the choice is yours.

They offer the Ringo which is a holder that clips over the back of your iPad or iPad2 and you then use the hole in this to hook it into various options:-

A stand

A car mount

A wall mount

A flexible wall mount

The flexible mount is perfect for under the cabinets in the kitchen, you have all your connectivity in a handy small size space. I often find it handy to just search for recipes when I am in the kitchen so this is a great way to do it. Music while you work… why not.. or catching up with the TV.

The car mount is good and rigid and the iPad was clearly not going anywhere no matter how many speed humps and poor road surfaces I found to check it on. The iPad was solidly held and I also felt it was far safer in the car than those elastic staps I see holding DVD’s onto headrests. It is easy to fit and takes just moments. The only question would be what films do you want do upload for watching.

The stand works well and is handy when you are travelling on the train and just catching up with films and photos etc.

The wall mount I think would be really useful where you are using an iPad to control your home automation.

The clip is easy to remove the iPad from and they all work on the same technology. This was designed to work with the iPad 2 smart cover so your iPad is fully protected.


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