HumuHumu Windows Home Server review

HumuHumu Windows Home Server review

I have had HumuHumu’s Window Home Sever in my office for some months now and I have been meaning to do a review for a while. The main reason for I haven’t done a review earlier is that the server has been sat in the office diligently backing up my Windows machine without any fuss and I have almost forgotten it’s there.

HumuHumu’s server comes with Windows Home Server 2011, Intel Atom 1.8Ghz 64bit, 2TB drive, 4GB RAM all in an striking case design. The server comes with manual and recovery USB stick.


The server is almost silent, you can only really tell its on by putting you ear on it where there is a very slight hum and every now and then red LED flashes. Where this differences from the old HP models is that you can connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to it giving you more troubleshooting options if necessary, not that I have needed it. The server has just sat there doing it job every day with no issues backing up my machine.

Where this server differs from the standard Windows Home Server offering is HumuHumu have included a Remote Launcher addin (from AWIECO) that enables you to launch programs on the home server. So from your Windows 7 PC you could launch Event Viewer on the server and look at the log, a task would normally require using Remote Desktop to get to the server. I found this handy for putting the proxy settings in to Internet Explorer something I normally have to RDP into the server to do. Also installed on the server is CPU-Z a CPU info tool and a hard drive diagnostic tool.




Drive Diagnostics



HumuHumu supplied me with an external drive which I have been using to backup the home server, this works really well and something I keep meaning to do on my box at home.


I had no issues with the performance of the box, I tried coping a large video file to the server which maxed out the network card on my Windows 7 machine rather than the server, so for media streaming there is plenty of head room.


Copying a file.


My Windows 7 machine network card maxed out.

When streaming HD content from the server to my PC you can see the server was under no stress at all.


Overall I am really impressed with this home server, a mark of how good the combination of the server and Windows Home Server 2011 are is that fact I never touch the box, it just works. The build quality is great and the software setup is spot on and if your in the market for a pre-built Windows Home Server I recommend you checkout HumuHumu’s range. They have a base system without drives for £299.98 and a 2TB version for £499.98


2 thoughts on “HumuHumu Windows Home Server review

  1. the way things are going that’s a couple hundred for the server and 300 quid for the hard drive :/ Looks a really nice box and a good review.

  2. Have you not seen the problem in Thailand and how HDD prices have gone through the roof. A 2TB drive that was £50 a month ago is now £180. It’s crazy. Expect everyone to be increasing their prices.

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