Windows Experts Community or the new Green Button forum website???

I’ve been sitting on the fence with regards to what Microsoft have done to our beloved The Green Button forums. Initially before the upgrade happened I was up-beat and optimistic about the planned change, however now its happened and we now have the resulting Windows Experts Community site, my enthusiasm is dwindling some what. They haven’t even given us a Green Button banner or logo as a token of who and what this community was. Now we have yet another bland Microsoft forum site that is still difficult to navigate.

Well there maybe hope if you are feeling a little lost and home sick? A new forum site has been created by some of the members off the old TGB at if you go and take a look it’s pretty much just like the original TGB site as far as layout and feel is concerned.

I contacted the software developer of My Channel Logos regarding a separate matter and was invited to join the new site, others had also mentioned it to me as well. The contact at My Channel Logos turned out to be one of the creators of the new forum site, makryger. Also the other admins and moderators are names you will have probably noticed on the original Green Button site: holidayboy, stonethecrows and StumpyBloke.

Well I’ve signed up and joined, there are currently only 150 members but it does feel like the old Green Button already, if not a little quieter. I’m not sure if I will stick around or not? Not sure what to do to be honest.

I’d like to know your thoughts on the subject and how you feel about what Microsoft have done with the original forums and if you might be tempted to join ?

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  • tom

    i’ve joined already.Just hope they don’t get ‘asked’ to take it down.

    The windows experts one just looked like another nail in the coffin to media center if you ask me.

    Although saying that the tablet ui of win8 looked so much like a media center interface it gave me a glimmer of hope that they’ll not ditch it completely.

  • tedbone

    Yeah, they did the same to the Zune forums too (although the Zune hardware is dying off – it was a cool place to talk about music and other related topics). I’m glad to see TGB live on. I’m glad I found this post – I’ll be joining in a second. I am a fan of most things Microsoft, except for The Windows Experts forums. They are difficult to navigate, and they seem to be the dying place, or no-man’s land for most products and software.

  • They have had 28 new members sign up today and 12 on Monday, totalling 186 members. If it is ever to be a success they need at least a few thousand I would have thought.

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