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I have been using vmcMote on my iPhone as a way of remote controlling Windows Media Center since it launched and its been one of my favourite remote control apps. On the Media Center PC you install a server component and then there is free and paid app for the iPhone. The developer has launched vmcMote HD for the iPad and it looking really nice. You can wirelessly remote control your Media Center PC and browse you music collection, create playlists all without needing to touch your Media Center. Again there are free and premium versions available (£4.99 for the paid version) and I am going to give it a try and let you know how I get on with it

You can find vmcMote HD on the App Store via:

A free Lite version can be found via:




Munich, 2010-10-30

vmcMote HD for iPad now available in the App Store.

A new way to remote your Windows Media Center.

Wirelessly remote your Windows Media Center from your iPad! View the current playlist, browse your music library, play/enqueue music, create playlists … all without your TV running.

vmcMote HD let’s you access and control the music functionality of your Windows Vista© or Windows 7 Media Center. It enables you to browse your music library, search it, play/enqueue tracks, view the currently playing track and playlist, create and manage playlists (on device only), enqueue radio streams and much more.

vmcMote HD uses two-way communication and takes advance of the processing and presentation capabilities of the iPad. Have your current playlist in your field of view while selecting new music or create new playlists. In case of horizontal device orientation, a cover wall will give you a convenient way to find albums by cover art.

vmcMote HD concentrates on all the Media Center functionality where you naturally do not need a TV running. But, to serve situations where you need a remote, it also provides a basic key remote and virtual keyboard functionality. vmcMote HD requires a server. It is provided as an Addin for Windows Media Center.

You can find vmcMote HD on the App Store via:

A free Lite version can be found via:

vmcMote HD is a special iPad version of vmcMote, the Windows Media Center remote app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Visit for more information about vmcMote HD and vmcMote.

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