Media Center Standby Tool now plays nicely with WHS

One of the tools I nearly always install on a new Media Center PC is the Media Center Standby Tool. I’ve posted before about this great tool before which allows you to manage when Media Center goes into standby and equally important track down what is preventing Media Center going into standby.

Whilst this tool is simply brilliant one issue for me has always been that it didn’t seem to always recognise that a backup to Windows Home Server was occuring and could suspend at the wrong time. However on doing a new install the other day I noticed that Herman from Slick Solutions had posted an update last month which looks like it resolves this issue and a few others.

From,6754.0.html?&language=english Herman writes:

MCE Standby Tool 0.9.100 – Beta testing

This version is able to respect custom executables and does not suspend if one of them is running. They can be entered by creating a registry value at the following location:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Herman van Eijk\MceStandbyTool\Non Idle Applications

The name does not matter, the value should be the name of the executable. MST needs a restart to activate new values.

I already included values for TMT and the WHS backup.

PowerDVD cannot be handled this way, the executable keeps running after the movie has ended. More work is needed.

If any of you works out executables that are related to mediacenter use please post them here, I will include them in a next version.

This version also is able to respect custom network sessions and does not suspend if one of them is in use. They can be entered just like the custom executables by creating a registry value at the following locations:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Herman van Eijk\MceStandbyTool\Non Idle Networksessions

To figure out which sessions are in use open a command prompt with administrator rights and execute the following command:

net sessions

A value for homegroup sharing is already defined, so MST will not suspend the system when another PC plays recordings from it.

I also have added te RunOnDisplayOn and RunOnDisplayOff events.


I have been testing this version for a couple of days and it seems to be really working well. It also struck me that the support for Homegroup sharing and custom network sessions means this might be very useful for those of our readers who do not  even use Media Center but stream to things like PopCorn Hours.






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