Mediaroom coming to Windows Phone 7, no Media Center yet

imageLong Zheng has spotted that Microsoft are preparing a Mediaroom client for Windows Phone 7. The are no real details yet but it could a streaming and remote scheduling application.  Microsoft did show off a Windows Mobile version at CES so I guess this is a Windows Phone version of that app.

All the features are exactly what we want from a Windows Phone 7 Media Center app just like the one that won the Windows Phone developer challenge last month so we are waiting to see if Microsoft will take up the challenge and develop the application

Those who still enjoy their fair share of television entertainment through one of dozens Mediaroom-powered IPTV services around the world will be glad to know Microsoft already has a Mediaroom Client ready for Windows Phone 7.

A VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) document published on Microsoft’s accessibility website reveals a software unambiguously named “Microsoft Mediaroom Client for Windows Phone 7 v 1.0“.

Although the document itself reveals no features of the software, one can guess by looking at the Mediaroom client for Windows Mobile Microsoft showed off earlier this year at CES, you would be at least able to stream content from the service provider or content you’ve recorded on your own DVR.

About the author Ian Dixon:
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