TDL Mobile No.43

Not too much news this week but it was definitely a big week for HTC as they announce record numbers. Unfortunately Palm employees don’t have much to celebrate as they begin seeing layoffs following the formal marriage with HP; and Motorola introduces a form factor that had yet to be seen running Android. We also have a short discussion on eReaders and where they are headed, and how the price war will be critical to their survival. So go ahead, download, and enjoy!



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Show Notes

HTC Gold Breaks Cover; other nice looking handsets due in 2010 as well
HTC enjoys big sales spike in first half of 2010
Is this the HTC Vision?. Some doubts over authenticity tho
Verizon Droid X ad takes aim at iPhone 4
Apple pulls iPhone apps after fraud claims
Nokia to sell wireless modem business to “focus”
Price war happening in the eReader market
Twitter for Blackberry out of beta
London Tube to get WiFi but not voice coverage
21 things to know about Windows Phone 7. Due in September?

Palm Laying Off Staff


WaveSecure – For Android, Blackberry, Symbian & Windows Phone ($20)


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