7MC Music Library re-building bug – Hotfix now out!

Well it’s been a long time coming but I’ve just spotted on my thread on The Green Button that Microsoft have now released a hotfix to an issue that I and many others raised, I wrote about this issue back in February on my blog here.

KB Article number 981770 You can get the hotfix from this link

Hopefully we won’t be seeing any more videos like this one again!

Thanks to the folks at Microsoft for listening to our concerns and getting this hotfix out of the door at Redmond, fingers crossed its resolved the issues.





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0 thoughts on “7MC Music Library re-building bug – Hotfix now out!

  1. Just installed the hotfix on my home PC and rebooted, went in to the music library and it was empty, then it started populating and rebuilding. I assume this is expected after this first reboot?

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