Updated Windows Media Center SDK and Samples Apps

While Microsoft’s Charlie Owen is no longer in the Media Center team that hasn’t stopped released an updated Windows Media Center SDK (all be it un-officially). Charlie has created what he calls ‘Windows Media Center SDK for Windows 7 Addendum’ which he says it includes:

  • A couple of new and updated loose MCML samples (mostly to fix up the URLs to the defunct play.mediacentersandbox.com).
  • Source code for the Sample Explorer application you find in the Extras Library after installing the SDK as well as the desktop browsing tool. This is a good example of one approach for creating a testing / automation framework for your own application.
  • Source code for Animation Explorer and Preview Tool Launcher desktop tools. The Preview Tool actually has a pretty robust automation model itself and this source shows you how to take full advantage for your own authoring tools.
  • Source code for the Visual Studio 2008 templates included with the SDK. Perhaps someone in the community will update these and redistribute for Visual Studio 2010.
  • Web Application Installer Template used to create the installers for the above applets. They are fully compatible with the InstallApplication Method in Windows 7 and can be used to craft installers forhttp://madeformediacenter.com/m4mc/.
  • You can dig into the readme for more details on these resources.

Charlie has also released a sample app was created for MIX06 that is a radio streaming addin called Veronicas Radio plus a small date time app

It’s great that Charlie has come up with these sample apps and updates, read Charlie’s blog for all the details and download links

Now come on developers get your Windows Media Center apps out and in the Media Center app store!


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