Bliss Music Manager

Bliss Music Manager

I love listening to music through Windows Media Center but I hate it when there is no album art, so that is why I am always interested in media managers that can automate the process of fixing missing information. A few years ago I used a program called AlbumArtfixer but that looks pretty old now so I was interested to try a  new service called Bliss. Bliss is an application you install and point it at your music collection and then it will scan though it and fix the art. It’s rule engine will try to apply album art based on your settings to all files in your collection, so it will go off and scan the whole collection and download artwork to your required sizes.

The app is designed to run on large music collections and can be run on local PC, network or a Windows Home Server. I think the idea is that it can trawl through your massive collection of music fixing as it goes along, saving you from fixing things individual. The first 500 fixes are free and then you will have to buy additional fixes at £10 for a thousand or £30 for unlimited, depending on your collection size it may be worth the money and from my quick test it seems to work ok but I haven’t let it loose on my full collection yet.

More info on the developers site and blog

Let me know your solutions for managing album art and meta data


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