Playing with Kylo Browser for the TV

Playing with Kylo Browser for the TV

On Monday launched a browser designed to be displaying on large displays like a TV, essentially its a standalone 10foot web browser. So I thought I would download it and see how well it will work on my TV. The application is a free download and is a simple install, once up and running it presents a nice clean uncluttered UI with big buttons and dialogs.

They built in a number of preset channels (mainly US sites) which are basically bookmarks and you can also go to any site by entering a URL via a big onscreen keyboard (or a standard keyboard). There are some nice features like being able to edit the overscan setting which set it apart from a standard browser.

I currently use IE and Chrome on my Media Center PC so I am not sure I really need another browser but the 10 foot style browser is easy to see that the desktop browsers so I may get some use out of it. What I would really like is a metro styled web browser, maybe we could see that with IE9?


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