Want Networked Tuners?! – DVBLogic will give them to you

Just wanted to get this out quick so I am going to post below the announcement from Oberon over at the dvblogic forums. This looks superb and has already been patched to allow install on Windows Home Server. I love the fact it can act as uPNP server.


Introducing new version of DVBLink Server with DVBLink Server Network Pack!
Now you can watch your TV channels on network computers running Windows MediaCenter as well as on UPNP clients!

This beta version 2.0.0003 consists of the following products:

    – DVBLink TVSource
    – DVBLink Server Network Pack

— DVBLink TVSource —
If you are installing this version from the scratch you need to install DVBLinkServer.msi first, reboot your computer when prompted and install DVBLinkTVSource.msi afterwards.

If you are currently running v1 of DVBLink Server and DVBlink TVSource you have to uninstall them before installing this beta version. You may save tvsourcesettings.xml files of your TVSources. This will restore your scanned channels. However you will have to do mapping, numbering, guide channel selection and synchronization in MediaCenter from the scratch.

If you are upgrading from previously installed v2 beta, you have to use bat files, enclosed in zip archive. This will update your binary files and will keep all your scanned channels and preferences.
Run DVBLinkServerUpdate.bat first, follow steps of the wizard and reboot computer when prompted. When computer is rebooted do not start DVBLink Server Configurator!
If you have at least one xmltv source you need to do an extra manual step: copy two DLLs (XMLTVSource.dll and XMLTVSourceConfig.dll) from DVBLink2\Templates\Sources\XMLTV to the correspondent xmltv source instance folder in DVBLink2\Sources.
Then proceed with DVBLink TVSource upgrade by running DVBLinkTVSourceUpdate.bat. Once it’s finished your system is up to date and you may enjoy watching TV again.

Download DVBLink TVSource v2.0.0003 here:

http://www.dvblogic.com/download/DVBLin … Source.zip

— DVBLink Server Network Pack —

If you would like to watch TV on Network computers, running Windows MediaCenter or on UPNP clients you need to install DVBLink Server Network Pack.
The zip file contains two installers:

    – DVBLinkNetworkPack.msi. This file has to be installed on the machine where DVBLink Server runs. Simply launch the installer and follow the steps of the wizard. Installer will restart DVBLink Server at the end of installation so that your server is ready for use. There is nothing specific that has to be configured on the server side to use Network Pack.
    – DVBLinkNetworkClient.msi. This file has to be installed on each network computer(s) where you would like to use MediaCenter to watch DVBLink channels. Launch installer, follow wizard’s steps and reboot computer once finished. Upon computer restart launch DVBLink Client Configuration, enter IP address or network name of the computer where DVBLink Server runs and press Ok. After that launch MediaCenter, do TV Setup and synchronize DVBLink channels in the usual way. Once finished you can watch DVBLink TV channels in this MediaCenter.

DVBLinkNetworkClient.msi is not required for UPNP clients to work. So if you plan to watch TV using only software UPNP clients (MediaPlayer 12 or Nero or …) there is no need to install DVBLin Network Client on this PC.

Download DVBLink Server Network Pack v2.0.0003 here:

http://www.dvblogic.com/download/DVBLin … etPack.zip

— Known issues —

    – DVBLink Server Network Pack is not meant to operate on the systems that can be put in Standby. Although standby itself will work, network clients will not be able to connect to DVBLink Server when it is in standby. Also you may experience inavailability of UPNP server after wake up. If this is the case you have to restart DVBLink Server.
    – This version of DVBLink Server has Background EPG scan permanently turned off. This means that if you are using xmltv or stream as a source of EPG information, it will not load automatically anymore. We are working on alternative ways of loading EPG information that will be done in the next beta(s).
    – You may experience hang-up of MediaCenter after completing TV Setup on the client machine. Simply reboot the computer and it will solve the problem.
    – DVBLink Server Network Pack will not operate properly if server computer has two or more active network cards (e.g. two or more IP addresses per single computer). We will solve the issue in the next beta.

— Tips and tricks —

    – If you experience problems with DVBLink Server or DVBLink Client, we need log files. You can turn logging on (set it to Info level) in the server/Client configuration dialog.
    – Use MC Guide Services source to map DVBLink channels to MediaCenter Guide Services. It is much easier than using Addin or GuideTool and it will enable fast channel synchronization in your local and remote MediaCenters.
    – When mapping EPG channels try our reworked “Match by name” feature. You will be surprised how good it works!
    – If you install and configure several identical tuners, use our new Smart Mapping feature on Channel Mapping page of DVBLink Configurator.
    – Try Windows MediaPlayer 12 (part of standard Win7 installation) as UPNP client. Works very good and does not need any extra software to be installed.



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  1. Wow! Once the dust settles on this, and everything is finalized, a “how to” segment on The Media Center Show would be Great!!!

    Keep Up The Great Work!! =)

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