My Movies 3.10 Released

My Movies 3.10 Released


[Update: I will be interviewing Brian Binnerup on this weeks podcast]

Brian Binnerup has released version 3.10 of My Movies. The new version of My Movies has new views like “Cove Strip” and “Cover Row” plus a new intros and trailers feature. You can read more about 3.10 on the post about the beta version and you can download the app in the Made for Media Center app store. So get downloading it and get all your movies indexed and ripped for Christmas!

My Movies 3.10 is now available for download. The release brings two new views, one “Cover Strip” that is created to match the look and feel of Media Center’s own Movie Library, and a “Cover Row/Cover Row and Details”, which lists covers in one row, with or without details. The cover row view can be configured as a flat style, or as a cover flow look.

The release also brings a new “Intro and Trailers” feature, allowing playback of one or more locally stored intros or trailers before the actual movie playback.

Third, is a new “Cover Style” functionality, which gives additional cover looks, and can be customised by the user. Included with the release is a “Plastic” look.

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