Video: Sky integration in Windows Media Center and the Xbox 360

TDL Mobile host Jon Dickinson has recorded a video of the Sky Player addin for Windows Media Center and the Xbox 360. I don’t have a subscription so I haven’t been able to test it so Jon kindly recorded a brief demo of the Sky features. The Media Center addin looks nice but its a shame it has separate guide rather than integrating it in the rest of Media Center, other than that it looks a great addition to Media Center for Sky subscribers. From the comments I have seen on Twitter the video quality is very good but it does require a decent broadband connection

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0 thoughts on “Video: Sky integration in Windows Media Center and the Xbox 360

  1. Great demo. Thanks!

    One question. Can you RECORD from the Sky Live TV? I’m guessing not, in which case this would mean you can’t use it live a Sky+ box?

  2. Thanks for confirming that, Jon.

    I noticed something else today. Was watching some Live TV, then looking at the Guide and thought “let’s see if I can get Sky News FREE on the Sky Player, seeing as it’s already on Freeview”. So, when I clicked on the option at the top of the Guide it asked me if I wanted “to stop playback”. Does that mean that, if I was currently recording a live programme and then decided to use the Sky Player that it would stop the recording, or just the playback of any tuner-based content?? Hmmm, will have to try this one out when I’m not recording something I need!!

  3. @F1Mad – Not sure on that one, never tried it. If you do try and let us know that would be great.

    @Mynstrel – Sadly not, skyplayer will not show up on your extenders MCE UI, your only options are Skyplayer on an actual MCE PC or the Xbox version.

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