inControl – iPhone Remote control for Windows Media Center

Another interesting remote control solution for iPhone/iPod Touch and Windows Media Center called inControl . As wells a being a remote control app it also has the facility to control other home theater  equipment like TV, receiver, and projector (via RS232) and It takes the usual form of a server you install on your PC and a client app for the iPhone. It has some interesting features such as Wake-on-LAN and the ability to view the EPG data, the server is free and the iPhone app costs £0.59


  • Support for Wake-on-LAN for powering up your computer using the inControl Client application running on your iPhone/iTouch.

  • Program guide view with Media Center program guide transparently available in the inControl Client. This makes it possible to scroll through your channels using your iPhone/iTouch, find out additional description of the programs, and select program to view. No need to fiddle with the cursor keys to control Media Center in order to find your favorite program!

    • Support for adding your own channel icons in the program guide.

  • Keyboard view with navigation key, media keys (fast forward, rewind, play/pause, stop, and record), and volume control.

  • Mouse view with mouse pad and control of left mouse button and right mouse button.

  • View for running self configured activities like “Start TV and Media Center” and “Watch TV with surround sound system”. An activity is configured using the inControl Server application and consists of a set of commands that are executed when running the activity. A command can

    • switch between displays connected to your computer (useful, e.g., in case your Media Center computer is connected to both a computer screen and a TV).

    • send RS-232 commands to devices connected to your computer (used for controlling TV, receiver, projector, or any other device with RS-232 support).

    • start/stop Windows Media Center and maximize/restore Windows Media Center Window.

    • hibernate, suspend, or power off your computer.

  • Sleep Timer view for configuring action to be performed after a specified time. An action can either hibernate/suspend/power off your computer or run a set of commands (same type of commands as for Activities view). These commands are configured using the inControl Server application.



More information on the developers site


5 thoughts on “inControl – iPhone Remote control for Windows Media Center

  1. inControl now also has support for Windows 7!

    Full support for Windows 7 has been added in inControl Server v1.0.5 which is now available for download here:

    It requires the program information to be manually configured and detailed instructions can be found here:

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