Windows Home Server Free Trial now with Power Pack 3

Windows Home Server Free Trial now with Power Pack 3

If your still wondering if Windows Home Server is for you then why not try the free trial from Microsoft. Using Windows Home Server has really changed how I store media in my home (and taken away any of my backup worries). Since the launch of PP3 for Home Server I have used the Media Center addin to automatically move my recorded TV back to the home server so freeing up space on my Media Center PC.

The great thing about Windows Home Server is its resource requirements, basically you can build a low speced machine and add some storage to it and you have enough for a home server. So if you want to give WHS a try why not dig out an old machine and put on it the free trial of Windows Home Server. The trial now comes with Power Pack 3 so you can test out the Media Center integration

The trial is for 30 days and can be downloaded from Microsoft



via Microsoft’s Home Server blog


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