Windows7 Media Center LEARN MORE

Windows7 Media Center LEARN MORE



A nice recent addition to Windows7 Media Center is the ability to Watch and
Learn about Media Center. By selecting the “ Learn More “ option on the “ Tasks
“ line, Videos and Text inform the user of what Media Center is and can do. The
first short advert about Media Center found under the “ All your favourites “
Tab is excellent and shows Media Center in a well put together clip, one thing i
will say though, the speed in which the Interface operates in the clip is
perhaps a little fast, i have a quad core that is more than enough for Media
Center but even that doesn’t allow for the super fast speed the Clip shows but
that aside its a great advert for Media Center, on the right hand side of the
Clip window you can also read about what Media Center has to offer, scrolling
through you learn you can “ Watch TV Shows and Movies Instantly “ “ Turn you TV
into a Broadcast TV** “ Your PC can be your DVR ” and on and on , there are many
many possibilities with Media Center



Also in the “ LEARN MORE “ section there are tabs that are listed as
“Whenever you want”, “Wherever you want”, “Getting started ”, “Record TV ” and
Extenders , each section has its own informative “How To” video with the ability
to read about your options, again on the right hand side of the screen

I have been wondering what the Ehome team were going to do with the Learn
More button … and now we no, i think its a great idea to have these option
available within Media Center and it would be an even better idea to have access
to this information outside of Media Center somewhere in the Windows7 Start bar,
many users of Windows7 and previous versions of Windows simply did not no Media
Center was on there systems, making this part of Media Center available easily
from the desktop would certainly bring more awareness to this great piece of
invaluable software


Originaly Posted by Gadgmeister on the 24/11/2009

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