DVBLogic release DVBSource for DVBLink

Great to see the announcement posted over at www.dvblogic.com that they have released their DVBSource program which allows the use of DVBLink to view TVSources directly without the need for further third party software (dvbviewer, dvbdream etc)

This new releases contains:

– Support for diseqc and CI control for skystar hd2/twinhan/azurewave/terratec tuner cards

 – Fixed XMLTV transfer during background EPG scan – Built-in csa (no need for csa.dll anymore)

 – Support for external ffdecsa.dll. This dll should be put in plugins folder of TVSource. There is a number of ffdecsa.dll around. DVBLink TVSource supports those exporting “get_keyset_size”, “decrypt_packets” and “set_control_words” functions.




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