Port your recording schedule from Vista MC (pre-TV Pack) to Windows 7 upgrade

If your ready to move up to Windows 7 but are worried about loosing your recording schedules then worry no more. On the Windows Media Center Team Blog they have a solution for porting your recordings from Vista (pre-TV pack) to Windows 7:

Important note: This method is to port ONLY the schedule entries, and NOT other settings such as the recorded TV location, recording history, NOR the existing recordings themselves.

  1. Back up the recordings.xml found under %programdata%\microsoft\ehome\recording to a flash or backup drive (one whose data will not be destroyed as you install the new Windows 7 OS).

Note: programdata is a hidden folder in the root of the OS drive. One way to get to it is by typing %programdata% into the Start | Search box and then hit Enter.

  1. Do a clean install of Windows 7.
  2. Create a new folder %programdata%\microsoft\ehome\recording and copy to it the recordings.xml backed up in step #1 above
  3. Launch Media Center and go through TV signal setup.

At the end of the setup, all recording scheduled entries found in the recordings.xml will be imported into Media Center.

The indexing of the Guide can take a while, so please give it some time for the scheduled entries to show up under Recorded TV | view scheduled. You can also verify whether the series are imported successfully by checking under Recorded TV | view scheduled | series.

Thanks Danny!

via the Windows Media Center Team Blog


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