TDL Mobile Show No.13


We may as well call this week’s show the Nook episode! With Sheldon taking a little break, and Jon still battling with his ISP, Jose goes solo this week and dissects Barnes & Noble’s eReader announcement and details. Of course it wouldn’t be a TDL Mobile show without smartphone news, so Jose sprinkles a little bit of WinMo & Android news, and even a little strife between Nokia and Apple. Leave comments on the post and don’t forget to subscribe!



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Show Notes

  00:01:11 – Barnes & Noble Announces Nook

  00:28:45 – Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

  00:31:36 – Google Hardware?  

  00:33:09 – HTC Releases Hero Kernel

  00:36:12 – Nokia Sues Apple

  00:38:45 – WinMo 6.5.1

  00:41:34 – HTC HD2 up for Pre-Order on Amazon UK


  App of the Week

  00:42:49 – Mileage for Android



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