Using a Small Form Factor PC as a Media Center System

For the last few years I have been using my Xbox 360 as an extender connected to my TV and have been really enjoying the Windows Media Center experience. But times are changing and there are more and more services come to the browser so when I got chance to try a Niveus ZONE I hooked it up to my TV.

I really like the flexibility having a PC connected to the TV brings and its just as simple to use as the 360 so the WAF has not suffered.

So I am going to do a series of videos looking at the pros and cons of using a PC and this first one looks at some of the reasons why I moved

(sorry the audio level is so low)

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3 thoughts on “Using a Small Form Factor PC as a Media Center System

  1. I have recently done the same as you, mainly because of my internet being down and as I was running W7 RC on my main media center I couldnt get the Xbox to connect but am finding it better than using the extender due to the online content from TunerFreeMCE etc working better.

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