The Media Center Show No.220 – S1Digital

The Media Center Show No.220 – S1Digital

undefinedThis week Paul Heitlinger from S1Digital talks about their new range of products including a Windows Home Server based Digital Entertainment Platform that streams CableCARD content around the home. Paul also talks about their new Bluray changer for Media Center and other products

I also have email and a quick catch up of the news


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Show Times:

00:23 Coming up this week
01:05 Email: TV with Media Center?
02:16 Email: Media Center with Rogers? HD PVR
03:48 Windows Media Center Software Development Kit for Windows 7 RTM Now Available
04:46 Can Windows Media Center go beyond the enthusiast market? Does it matter?
06:00 My Movies on next week show My Movies 3.0 Screenshots and release date
06:23 Welcome to Paul from S1Digital
10:00 CableCARD OEM
14:00 Media Center Systems
17:06 Windows 7 Upgrades
19:40 TV Pack
23:34 New product line, Digital Entertainment Platform
33:18 Streaming CableCARD
46:27 Bluray Changer
54:44 Future for Media Center?
55:23 CEDIA
56:00 Thanks, see you Tuesday

Music by Ian Dixon

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0 thoughts on “The Media Center Show No.220 – S1Digital

  1. Thank Ian for getting Paul on this weeks podcast. This company has single handedly restored my confidence in the Media Center Platform with S1Digital add-on features.

    I would have asked Paul though, regarding the network cablecard technique they employ…how did they solve the issue that previously locked protected TV recordings to the PC that originally recorded it? Is it locked to their Windows Home Server product? That would be ideal way to handle this. But I sense its may have something to do with an unannounced capability of Windows HomeGroup and PP3 for Windows Home Server. That would be very cool. Keeping my eyes peeling on CEDIA.

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