Apple to Release Connected TV, DVR?

Could this be a push that Microsoft needs to get some focus back on to Media Center? CE Pro are reporting that Apple may be releasing a connected TV that includes a DVR, home media functions and syncing with iPods.

"The device would push Apple further into the digital living room with interactive TV, music, movie, and gaming features," Jaffray says. "Such a device would command a premium among a competitive field of budget TVs."

The Apple TV hasn’t really taken off but maybe with a connected home push from Apple they could succeed and that could make Microsoft look again at Media Center


0 thoughts on “Apple to Release Connected TV, DVR?

  1. DVR? How are they going to capture HD content from cable? This means OCUR, and there isn’t even a speck of dust that they’ve been working with Cable Labs or any tuner companies on something. So, I seriously doubt that Apple is interested in tangling with all of that monkey business.

    What they’ll probably do is introduce a $2500 TV with integrated Apple TV. Then all of the fanboys will proclaim that Steve invented the 10′ interface.

  2. Peterfnet, no offense, but you might want to hold off for 3 more weeks until criticizing MS’s lack of action. They have a big press event scheduled, something that didn’t happen at CEDIA last year. At that point we can have a healthy discussion.

  3. I don’t think M$ need a kick….it’s just that we don’t know or understand their strategy, because they don’t tell anyone the big picture, so we just see all this bits of their eco system floating about as bespoke parts instead of a single enity. We assume it matches our own wishes, (silent extenders / blu ray / synch with zunes etc)where as it could be a completely different vision….all MAY come clear at CEDIA

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