My Movies 3.0 Screenshots and release date

My Movies 3.0 Screenshots and release date

I have some exclusive screenshots of the all new My Movies 3. On Tuesday I will have an interview with Brian Binnerup the developer behind My Movies and he is going to talk about the new features and UI in the Vista and Windows 7 version of My Movies. Tuesday will also be the release of the beta of the new movie app so listen to the show next week to find out all the details. I have to say its a great looking Media Center application!

Here are some screenshots and make sure you listen to [tmcs] next week to get all the details.

08 - Movie Overview - 3 Row Size (Default)


15 - Movie Overview - Covers and Details View

17 - Movie Overview - List and Details View

22 - Movie Details View Slim (Default)


9 thoughts on “My Movies 3.0 Screenshots and release date

  1. Looks like I’m going against the grain here, and I’m a little bit underwelmed at the screen shots. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a big MB user since switching to Win7.

    Saying that, I am a big My Movies fan so can’t wait to take MM3 for a spin.

    I hope MM3 comes with multiple syles of viewing like MB.

    Hopefully Brian will open the Beta testing up to general users soon 🙂

  2. I was hoping to get a copy of the Beta to use but unfortunately I only have 501 points so that leaves me 1900 points short of being able to download. I considered donating to qualify but £80.00 for 2000 points is a bit steep. Perhaps Brian may release this earlier as mentioned on the site or drop the donation amount to say £20.00?

    Hey ho looks like I’ll be waiting until the 22 Oct then…

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