Windows Live Moviemaker updated

Windows Live Moviemaker updated

Movie Maker screen One of the gems of Windows Live Essentials (which are explored quite thoroughly in my book) is Movie Maker which provides dead simple movie editing.  The best analogy is one I heard today “Movie Maker is the notepad of video editing tools” (not sure where I heard that though).  It’s true enough too, they are about as feature rich as each other, stripped down, bare bones (OK notepad is the most useful tool in Windows).  Move Maker’s just received an update and lost it’s “Beta” moniker.

Brilliant 1080p (full HD) output quality, live previews of effects and Windows 7 jump lists are some of the new features since it’s exited Beta.

This has been everywhere today but Redmond Pie has a great roundup.  Get the software here and some videos to play with if you don’t have any of your own.

[via the inimitable Steve Clayton]


One thought on “Windows Live Moviemaker updated

  1. It also supports plugins, so I think we’ll see a number of announcements around that. Personally, I’d like to see a Live SkyDrive/Zune plugin.

    Although MSN dropped SoapBox, I have a feeling the technology will be relocated/reused in another product group, say Windows Live or even Zune. I could see Microsoft enabling video streaming from Live SkyDrive folders. For public material, all Bing would have to do is index SkyDrive “Public” folders. Another route, create a Live SkyDrive sub-area dedicated to Zune Pass subscribers for uploading streamable content. The difference between streaming from Live SkyDrive folder and the dedidicate Zune Pass folder may be wether it is ad supported or free of ads. I just find it hard to believe that Microsoft would completely step away from user generated content.

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