Windows 7 Media Center in Canada

Pete Near has a great set of posts up about Windows 7 Media Center and enabling content in Canada. His posts cover enabling ATSC in Canada, QAM in Canada and mixing Canadian guide data with US guide data.

With the release of Windows 7 comes an updated version of the Media Center component of Windows.  There’s a bevvy of new functionality available, and you can find a good review of the new features by clicking here (link to Engadget).  In this post I’ll point you to some additional flavour that will make your Media Center experience north of the 49th parallel that much more interesting.

Over The Air HDTV
imageDid you know that all of the broadcast stations in Canada and the United States are switching to high-definition? Yep, pull out your old rabbit ears and prepare to be amazed by the eye-popping clarity of the free TV signals flying through our airwaves in Canada’s major cities.  Click here for instructions on how to get Media Center to pull in those signals and turn your PC into Canada’s best high-definition PVR.

Continued on Pete’s post




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