Windows 7, Play To, and a Samsung DLNA enabled TV

As regular readers will know I am very excited by the possibilities of DLNA and Play To, we just need more devices to support the standard. Fellow Media Center MVP Barb Bowman has posted how she got a new Samsung DLNA enabled TV working with Windows 7. It looks like the Samsung TV had most of the standards needed to get Media Center content playing on it but it was the Windows 7 Play To features that really made it work. Checkout Barb’s post for all the details and how she got it working with Recorded TV!

In my opinion, the Play To/Streaming enhancements in Windows 7 are some of the coolest new features in Windows 7. The team responsible for this work has an extensive blog post at which explains and showcases the technologies involved. It’s really about an ecosystem of smart, transparently connected devices and this is something I’ve been passionate about for several years.  With Windows 7, we’ve reached a real break through. Anyone, novices included, should be able to use and have fun with this technology set. It might give neighborhood geeks like me some free time back because a non geek can easily get it working.

The Samsung LN52B750 (and all the B750 line apparently) include a full set of DLNA 1.5 features. When I display the source list on the TV,  all of my DLNA 1.0 and 1.5 devices are auto detected and displayed. You can see part of this list below, but it also detected my WHS box and additional computers.

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    After initially trying to set it up via my Samsung TV without much such success I tried it this way and it worked a treat. Just set this up on my Samsung UE40D6510 40 LED TV. It was a breeze.

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