Freeview HD starting in the UK December 2nd

Freeview HD is to start broadcasting in the UK on December 2nd with the transmitter that I use Winter Hill (Granada region) going first. As of yet there is no hardware to take advantage of the new DVB-T2 signal but Media Center should be in a position to receive it when the new hardware arrives (see this post for details). Next month I will be interviewing Microsoft about the new format so all we need now are some announcements TV card makers

Via Endadget HD

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  • gadget

    hmm , looks to be slow going to start with

    ” Freeview HD will, for some time, only feature four channels (a fifth is planned for after 2015). In a return to pre-satellite days, those will be BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. And the HD channels will broadcast in 720p resolution “

  • Ian Dixon

    maybe but its a good start

  • mark.carline

    excellent !

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