Introducing the TDL Reader for Windows Media Center

Introducing the TDL Reader for Windows Media Center

I am pleased to be able to introduce the brand new TDL Reader, a Media Center addin that enables The Digital mcontent in the 10 foot Windows Media Center UI. You can get all the TDL blogs, podcasts, videos and browse them directly from Windows Media Center

There are 32bit and 64bit versions that will work with Windows Vista and Windows 7, just download the correct version for your OS and run the setup MSI in the zip file and follow the install wizard.

Then go in to Windows Media Center and you will find the app in the Extras strip (in Vista go to Online Media). From the application you can read the the latest blog posts, select a specific blog, listen to a podcast or watch a video.

Its a great application developed with the brilliant Media Center developer Andrew Cherry, its completely free so get downloading and let me know what you think

Download the 32bit version or the 64bit version












0 thoughts on “Introducing the TDL Reader for Windows Media Center

  1. Very cool!! I’d love to sit down at home and catch up this way without having to bust out the laptop. Great work!

  2. Why cant other web sites take this step ?? brilliant and i look forward to adding this and enjoying the site from my Media Centre

    A big thanks to Andrew and Ian for this

  3. This is really nice, now it would be cool if there was a step by step “how to build a media center app”, for those who want to start developing little apps for media center.

  4. Very nice looking! I’ll have to try this out. It reminds me of the media-based apps that are showing up in the iPhone app store (the ones from the Wall Street Journal, local TV stations, etc). It seems like your extension could really be made into a template for all of these media outlets to follow.

  5. I agree with nunosilva. An interesting post would be a round up of resources for getting started with building apps for VMC/7MC.

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