Windows Audio Changer for Windows Media Center

Vista Audio changer is an application that enables you to change the default output device for the entire system from Windows Media Center or via a hotkey. This will be handy if you have multiple audio outputs and watch to switch them on the fly. The application is a free download and works with Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64bit versions) and the source code is available.

Since the redesigning of the audio system in Windows Vista, it has not been possible to set the default output device for the entire system through software. Unfortunately, most applications do not have the option to select an output device built-in. Vista Audio Changer steps in and changes the default output device to replace this missing functionality

What is it?

Vista Audio Changer allows you to change the default output device in Windows Vista via different methods:
– Via Windows Media Center
– Via the system tray
– Via the user interface
– Using a Hotkey
– Based on running applications

Gadget highlighted the application in the TDL forums


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  1. i use it and its just great for my needs , i really could do with an auto switch but thats not for here , this fills the void and it has its own line within Media centre ( If you have the room and havent already used the free slots up ) , simply select your default audio device dependant on your need , Media centre drops , the default device switches automatically and then hit your green button to bring media centre back to the for , no more need to jump through the usual audio device changing clicks

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