New site:

New site:

fixoftheweek[1]I am helping out with a new site called an IT focused site with handy little fixes and tips for IT issues. Like Windows Mobile sync errors, Xbox 360 Media Center issues and registry tips.

I have just posted a handy tip on how to install Windows 7 on a machine with no DVD drive, an easy task for most enthusiasts that read this blog but a good tip for less experienced users

You can follow FixOfTheWeek on twitter and subscribe to the RSS feed and if you have any tips for the site you can email them to fix [at] TheDigitalLifestyle dot com


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  1. i{announcer mode on}it’s the fix of the week with your host Nich.. ohh Ian Dixon{announcer mode off) – apologies to our US cousins and anyone under 30 who just won’t get that

    sounds a really useful resource

  2. very good Garry!
    It started as a little bit of rivalry in the office on who could come up with the best fix each week

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