Big Screen EPG for Windows 7 – Public Beta Program Now Open

Its been a while since I talked about Big Screen EPG, this is an EPG tool developed for Windows 7 Media Center that has previously been in private beta and now Niall has opened it up the beta to all.  If want to use 3rd party EPG data this may just be the application for you, all the details on how to sign up on the Big Screen Blog

The ‘private beta’ program for Big Screen EPG (which was Invite/Application only) – has now been opened up for public consumption. This means you can now sign yourself up without having to send me an email (and then patiently waiting for me to flick the switches so for you).  Please see below for some step-by-step instructions on how to join.

The version available for download via the beta is v0.3H (released on April 2nd 2009) – and has been given a good workout by several hundred users around the globe.  The v0.3H beta release is hard wired to expire on July 1, 2009 – however new updates will be made available via the program before then (that will extend the trial to a much later date).


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