Unboxing and a first look at a HD Homerun DVB-T Edition.

The HD Homerun is a network based TV tuner compatible with Windows Media Center, its been around for a while in the US and this is the new DVB-T version that works with Freeview. The unit is a dual tuner devices that you connect up via an Ethernet cable to your network and by installing the drivers on the PC Windows Media Center thinks that the its a locally connected tuner. This is great if you can’t position the PC where your aerial cable comes in to the house and its a great solution to share the TV tuner. The retails price is £159 which may be a little steep for a dual tuner but the network functionality really does add some value

In this video I unbox the unit and run through the setup process. I did have issues with stuttering with some of the BBC channels which I suspect is a networking issues and I have not had time to diagnose yet, I have not got it working with Windows 7 yet I am still working on it…

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  1. Hi Ian. I’m a new but now regular listener to the Digital Lifestyle podcast and now also visit this site on a daily basis for updates. Thanks for this review. I’d like to centralise all my tuners into one location and then farm out the signals to a couple of media centers in around my house. Is it possible (using the usual registry hack) to have more than one of these devices attached to the network to make say 4 or more tuners available to each media center connected to the same network?

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