Endgadget HD: Microsoft clarifies codec position for Windows 7

Last week I wrote about Microsoft potentially locking out 3rd party codecs in Windows 7 (from a story by Ben Drawbaugh) and yesterday Ben Drawbaugh updated us with a response from Microsoft.   Microsoft said that Windows 7 will "continue to use codecs and other format technologies from third-party companies." but Ben points out the problem is that if the content is support with via a native codec there is no way to over write it. Like I said last week I don’t like messing with codecs but some enthusiasts do.

Last week it was uncovered that the way 3rd party codecs will work in Windows 7 is going to be different. Microsoft wasn’t exactly happy with our interpretation of the events and so we received a nice email today clarifying a few points; like the fact that Windows will "continue to use codecs and other format technologies from third-party companies." This is great and all, but doesn’t exactly jive with what the developers of some third party companies are saying. The real point of contention seems to be that in Windows 7, if the video you want to watch is naively supported by Windows, there’s no easy way choose a different codec, like the popular ffdshow

Checkout Ben’s post for the details and the comments on the post


2 thoughts on “Endgadget HD: Microsoft clarifies codec position for Windows 7

  1. Yeah well I replied to that thread on TGB as well, from one of the FFDShow developers no less, complaining about it all and I have to agree with him. MS we do want you to support the formats and containers natively that we want you to, but if you can’t do as good a job with the codec as the 3rd party then don’t block them out completely just because you are now ” Supporting” these formats / containers.

    We should always be able to choose MS native VS 3rd party Codec.


  2. I have to agree with cw-kid, why completely block out something that could do a better job and for the most part will only be taken advantage of by someone who wants that ability.

    The average joe will be satisfied that it works and leave it at that. Others, however, may want to tinker or take advantage of advanced features.

    Also, why Video renderer and not EVR?

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