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Ian had an idea about starting a hardware podcast and I wanted to be involved so I contacted him and in the end we decided a video show (video podcast if you will) reviewing hardware would probably work out better.  So to kick things off Ian asked if I’d do a video on what is probably my favorite piece of Media Center hardware, the Digital Cable Tuner.  The video below is the result.  Your feedback is encouraged, just be gentle it’s my first time. : )

TDL Hardware – Digital Cable Tuner

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8 thoughts on “The Digital Lifestyle Hardware – ATI Digital Cable Tuners

  1. Good video, very informative and clear. Long shot I know but does anybody know if these will work with cable in the UK (virgin media)?

  2. Hi Mike:
    Appreciate the video. I’m having a thorny, intermittent problem with my ATI DCT. What’s the best way to contact you with a question? Thanks much, kklemme

  3. What kind of hardware are you using to support the CableCard tuners? The options from Dell, etc., seem to be becoming extinct and home built, from what I understand, is not really possible with the exception of buying an old Dell board off eBay.

  4. kklemme, you should be able to send me an email or pm from the site.

    seanSF, my main Media Center is an S1Digital Platinum Edition. The test machine I used in the video is a Dell XPS. Even if you found a board on ebay that supported cablecards you’d still need the key that activates them in MC. If you’re looking at getting a cablecard machine I would at least take a look at S1Digital, I love mine.

  5. jonathand, I’m pretty sure cablecards are a US only thing but I don’t really know much about TV signals and such outside the US. The first thing to check would be if your provider issues the cards.

  6. I have a PC with two ATI cable card tuners, and have distributed with XBoxes and extenders to 5 locations around the house. I am not happy with the performance / quality of the XBoxes (red ring of death 4 times) and extenders (lots of failed connections). I want to have a PC in each of the locations and I would far prefer to use these PCs to distribute, but then my recorded TV gets restricted to one machine. I have a hard time believing that they really intended to stop me from watching recorded tv from multiple locations throughout my own house. Am I missing something, or is this really off limits (legally)?

  7. CurtLefebvre, you’re not missing anything, only the pc that recorded the protected content can play it back. I have linksys extenders and an xbox throughout the house and have very good results. Are your extenders wired or wireless?

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