Loss of Media Center TV on the South Coast? Update: All working now

Just a heads up to Windows Media Center users on the South Coast of England. Brian Frost has come across a problem with the guide since the channel frequencies have changed today

Brian said:

“On the S.Coast here today was a planned switchover of the Rowridge FreeView channel allocation (info here http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/digitaltv/a13210/multiplex-2-from-rowridge-to-switch-channels.html).
The result is a loss of the main channels BBC1 etc. However, running the TV initial setup (enter your postcode etc) returns the message ‘Connecting to the internet…’ and hangs there instead of the old list of local transmitters near your post code”

If anybody is using the Rowridge Freeview transmitter with Media Center please leave your experiences in the comments

I got an update from Brain, he got it all working after a few attempts ” I think that this may be a tuner driver hang following an earlier failed attempt to re-scan the channels”


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