Gizmodo test Windows Media Player 12 and Play To

Gizmodo test Windows Media Player 12 and Play To

Play To is one of my favourite new features for Windows 7 and Gizmodo have been testing Play To and putting Windows Media Player 12 through it’s paces. I have found the media player in Windows 7 much better than Vista due to how many codecs work out of the box and I like the cleaned up Media Player UI

Read the article for there conclusions and if you testing Play To make sure you update our Play To Wiki

Windows 7 is Microsoft’s way of saying “We <3 Media.” Even other people’s formats—notably Apple favorites H.264 and AAC—are supported in the new OS, which comes with the newest Windows Media Player, version 12. But the biggest multimedia upgrade is Play To, a little WMP feature that eclipses all the rest



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