The Digital Party

At The Digital Party last night we had a great time, we recorded a round table and talked through the results of The Digital Awards (you will be able to hear the results on [tmcs] in a couple of weeks)

It was great being able to meet readers and listeners and even better to have them on the podcast. The round table format worked well and we covered a variety of topics like Windows 7, Media Center addins and Windows Home Server.

The facilities were provided by Cntrstg which who really looked after us, Cntrstg has been fantastic all week, it was a great place to relax, meet other bloggers and get some work done.

A big thanks to Cntrstg and thanks to everybody that made the party


Here we are after recording the round table:

DSC_2597.JPG by cntrstg.

DSC_2579.JPG by cntrstg.

About the author Ian Dixon:
Ian Dixon is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), founder of tech site and producer of the weekly The Digital Lifestyle Show podcast. Ian has been writing and talking about Windows for over 10 years and has over 20 years in IT as an IT Manager. Ian has thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook and over 4 million views on his YouTube channel.
  • dunks517

    Any strippers?

  • Anonymous

    Ian and all the others. Had a reat time meeting you all and also talking “geek” with some beers. For me it was the social high point of my CES trip. Hope everyone get’s home safe! I’ll send my video and pictures of this meetup to you all today (hopefully). Cheers!

  • Ian Dixon

    @dunks517 no, Andrew offered….
    @Scott, it was very cool to meet up with. The meetup was my highlight of CES

  • Anonymous

    I had great time at the party. It was great to meet up with everyone and seeing what others are doing.

  • JPR7105

    I had a great time at the party. It was fun talking to all the people I met there and everyone was very nice. And I won a prize!!! Thanks.


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