Can Windows Live connect with the digital home?

Can Windows Live connect with the digital home?

I have been reading about the change of Windows Live in to a social networking hub and it looks promising, I moved away from Live Spaces due to it’s live inflexibility and poor design and so the new social focus of Live could bring users back to the platform. Alexander Grundner has an post about how Windows Live could be a dark horse in to the living room. Alexander imagines a world where Live users are able to sync data, social network status, photo etc with Windows Media Center, Xbox 360 and Windows Live. Combine that with Live Mesh services like the Webguide service shown at PDC and you can see how Live could be the glue that connects our digital lifestyle together. I can see Alex’s point but I am not convinced by Windows Live yet, however I can see Mesh being a big part of the puzzle. Mesh will work as the sync framework for our devices as well as being a platform for connected application.


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  1. Hasn’t it been obvious for ages that this (i.e. a single connected exosystem across all their experiences) is where they’re going? Maybe I’m just too close to the Windows Live stuff so I’ve seen this coming for years – I’m glad other people are seeing the light too.


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