EndadgetHD review Embedded Automation’s mPanel

EndadgetHD review Embedded Automation’s mPanel

EndadgetHD have got their hands on Embedded Automation’s mPanel, this is the 7 inch wall mounted touch panel that you can use to control home automation and works as a UPNP client so you can stream music to it from UPNP servers like Windows Media Player or Windows Home Server. The panel is Windows CE based and runs mControl (Embedded Automation’s Home Automation package), it works with Power over Ethernet (POE) and has an audio amp and speakers built in.

Checkout Ben Drawbaugh’s review and I hope to be talking a look at the unit myself in the next few weeks. You can also hear Ted Singh from Embedded Automation talking about mPanel of The Media Center Show #165 from July

mPanel In-wall touch screen.

mPanel Alarm view

The mPanel connections

Pictures from EngadgetHD


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  1. Nice piece. nice that it runs on ce (cheaper license to cpu pricing then Intel/vista). Would it make sense to also include Blue tooth so that it could be a synch station? or have a mini/micro SD card? Heck, why not just make it a dock station for a window Mobile 6 phone and then us it as the touch panel :). are they selling lots of this stuff to builders for high rises or is most of their market retro fit?


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