The Media Center Show No.177 – GridSearch

The Media Center Show No.177 – GridSearch

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This week I am talking to Jonathan Bowes about GridSearch, Gridsearch is a new visual way to search through video files that will make finding any scene in a movie very simple and just a few button presses. Have a look at the video demo for a guide on how it works. I also have your email and a round up of the weeks news

I am looking for community submitted reviews of Media Center addins if you would like to review an application please email me ian [at]

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This show is sponsored by mControl – Home Automation for Vista Media Center

Show Times:
00:50 Coming up this week
02:30 Email: Tuner Problems
04:02 Forum Post: Getting started with Media Center
05:47 End of the road for Ricavision?
07:12 Velocity Micro Announces the Release of the CineMagix FuzeBox
07:39 Details of the Media Center updates
08:15 Windows 7 to be called Windows 7!
09:33 Asus launches touchscreen Eee desktop
10:59 How to get rip a CD with Windows Media Center
11:22 UK Windows Media Center / Digital Lifestyle Meetup
12:19 Welcome to Jonathan Bowes
13:20 Link to videos
14:30 How it works
22:00 What content works with it?
22:30 Download a demo
27:45 Future plans
28:00 Gridsearch Forums
30:00 Thanks To Jonathan

mControl for Windows Media Center

Music by Ian Dixon

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