Automated’s Top 10 podcasts

After a few days working away I am back and catching up on news and email.  The first item in my in inbox is Automated Home’s Top 10 podcast list and I was very pleased to see [tmcs] make the top 10. What is especially pleasing is company the show is keeping, in the list is some of Leo Laporte’s great podcast, Diggnation and Tekzilla. These are shows I listen to regularly and shows like TWIT and Windows Weekly (which infuriates me as well as entertains me some times) have kept me sane while travelling this week.

Check out the post for the full top 10

Ian Dixon has been producing his Media Center show for nearly three
years and has a tremendous back catalogue of over 160 shows on all
sorts of topics encompassing the “Digital Lifestyle”.  Ian’s dedication
to the Windows Media Center platform in particular has earned him
recognition from Microsoft in the form of MVP status (Most Valuable
Professional).  He also releases video content like his interviews from
the Consumer Electronics show.  We recently interviewed Ian Dixon on
our own podcast (Show AH0012). 




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