Ed Bott on Crapware and driver problems that disrupt the Windows Vista experience

Ed Bott talks a lot of sense and this is another article he has written that I agree with. Ed has written about a couple of problems that have blighted Windows and particularly Windows Vista and namely Crapware and bad drivers. He gives two examples where crapware and drivers problems where reducing the Vista experience on a pair of Sony Viao to the point of where Ed’s friend switched to a Mac. Crapware is a well known problem but the other problem that is less often talked about is OEMS and particularly laptop manufactures not issuing updated drivers for older machines. I have a 18 month old Sony Viao laptop at the office that was stuck with over a year old video drivers as Nvidia’s latest drivers would not install on the Viao and the existing drivers had a bug with dual monitor support that was driving me mad. I found new drivers from laptopvideo2go.com thanks to Ed’s tip and it working much better now.

Ed has a few recommendations that would make life better for Windows users:

  1. Make utility and driver updates easier
  2. Sell fewer models, and support the ones you sell.
  3. Get rid of crapware for good
  4. Give me the option to do a truly clean install

Read the rest of Ed’s article, it makes a lot of sense

Fixing Windows Vista, one machine at a time | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com


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