News Catchup: HP launch the Media Center update for the MediaSmart TV

I am still trying to catch up on the last weeks news and this is the first thing I noticed:

HP have published the update for the MediaSmart TV that enables the Media Center Extender functions . I love the idea of an integrated Extender in a TV and the HP MediaSmart TV looked great when I saw it at CES. I know a couple of people that have been holding off buying an Extender until they see some reviews of the HP TV.

The firmware upgrade is now available directly on Internet-connected HP MediaSmart TV model numbers SL4278N and SL4778N

The capability will be included on all new HP MediaSmart TVs and provided automatically to owners of second-generation MediaSmart TVs. Extender for Windows Media Center also will be included in HP’s upcoming digital media receiver – the MediaSmart Connect – which is planned to be released later this year and will make any HDTV “MediaSmart.”

HP MediaSmart TVs combine 1,080p clarity and advanced wireless technology to provide a stunning, high-definition(3) LCD TV experience for viewing photos, listening to music or watching video on demand. MediaSmart TVs find digital media whether it is stored on a notebook across the room or a desktop in a home office(4) and brings it together in the MediaSmart TV interface for playback using a TV remote control.

Additionally, using HP’s MediaSmart interface, consumers can rent or purchase thousands of movies from CinemaNow, share and purchase photos from Snapfish, discover new Internet radio stations from Live365, or access personal content from multiple Windows XP or Windows Vista-based PCs or devices such as the HP MediaSmart Server or HP Media Vault.


More details on HP’s press release


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