The Media Center Show No.150 – Charlie Owen on the Media Center Platform

The Media Center Show No.150 – Charlie Owen on the Media Center Platform

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Welcome to show 150! Joining me this week is Microsoft’s Charlie Owen, Charlie is a Program Manager on the eHome team and his area is the Media Center Platform and the SDK. Charlie talks about how the Media Center vision has changed since the first version and how the development platform has also changed. I also have an interview with Ted Singh from Embedded Automation, Ted was guest on show #1 and we talked about their new product mPanel.

I have email and news items plus an update on the The Ultimate Media Center Enthusiast Setup

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Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:16 Welcome to show 150
02:24 On next week
02:52 Email – How Media Center has changed my digital life
05:37 Email – How to get DVD content on Extenders
07:19 Email – TV stuffer when burning DVDs
08:24 Email – Using Media Center
09:33 Get a discount on Big Screen Weather and Photos 2 from BigScreenGlobal
09:58 Email – dual display problems
11:38 Are the Extenders working for you?
14:22 The Ultimate Media Center Enthusiast Setup – Win an XBox 360 Elite and more!
15:50 All Vista Media Center Keyboard shortcuts
16:20 New Remote Control software to control Media Center from PSP or iPhone
16:36 Win a custom home entertainment system with Microsoft’s Digital Home Makeover Competition
18:08 Vista SP1 Gives Extenders a Speed Boost?
18:37 Twitter
18:50 A message from One Voicedownload a free trial
20:09 Welcome to Ted
21:28 EHX demo
22:24 mPanel
28:22 Thanks to Ted
28:35 Welcome to Charlie Owen
29:56 Charlie’s role at Microsoft
30:42 Media Center’s journey
31:49 The original aim
36:00 The SDK focus
38:05 Vista devolvement v XP development
40:00 Web apps and local apps
44:06 3rd Party developers – we love them!
45:32 Getting started developing Media Center applications, download the SDK
47:30 The Media Center sandbox forum
48:58 Future improvements
49:31 Why is there no GUI tool for Media Center dev
52:28 Will Silverlight make it in to Media Center?
53:51 Developing for Media Center Extenders
54:59 What apps do you want to see
58:08 See you next week

Music by Ian Dixon

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